University of Venda School of Education Courses

University of Venda School of Education Courses

Department of Curriculum Studies and Education Management

Code Name
ACEEM Advanced Certificate in Education: Educational Management
CESML Advanced Certificate in Education: School Management and Leadership
iBEDEM Bachelor of Education Honors in Educational Management
iBEDCT (Hons) Bachelor of Education in College Teaching
BEDCS Bachelor of Education Honours: Curriculum Studies
MEDEM Master of Education in Educational Management
MEDCS Master of Education in Curriculum Studies
DEd Doctor of Education
PhD (CS) Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies
DEDTE Doctor of Education in Teacher Education

Department of Early Childhood Education

Code Name
CECE Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education
DCRE Advanced Certificate in Remedial Education
BEDTEF Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase
PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education
BEDECE (Hons) Bachelor of Education Honours Early Childhood Education

Department of Maths Science and Technology Education

Code Name
STED Science Teacher Education Diploma
BSCEd Bachelor of Science in Education
MED (ScED) Master of Science in Science Education
MEDSED Master of Education In Science Education
MSCEDU Master of Science In Science Education
PHDSED Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education

Department of Professional Studies

Code Name
Dip Sc Lib Diploma in School Library and Information Science
BEDFET Bachelor of Education Further Education and Training
BEDGC Bachelor of Education Honors Guidance and Counseling
iMEd Master of education
MEdTE Master of education Teacher Education